CTP Rinse "water"

By Phil Chambers

Many printing companies believe that it is acceptable to plumb rinse waters from CTP processors into the drain; after all, its only water, isn't it?
Well, if was only water, you'd be quite happy to drink it, though I don't think you'd find many who'd want to do this.
What you have to do is tell your sewerage undertaker (normally your local water board) about this. For discharges of less than 5 cubic metres per day, it is common just to get a letter authorising this, after which, you're clear.

The following information may help you. This is from surveys carried out for other printing companies by Strategic Safety Systems Ltd:

If you count how may plates you produce per day, then you can work out the volume of rinse discharged per day.

Download useful leaflet to accompany your application.

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