The COSHH Assessment System is one of a suite of computerised systems compiled by Strategic Safety Systems for the management of safety issues.  It’s prime purpose is to record the risks from substances which may be hazardous to health and the control measures to minimise those risks.  One of the additional outputs is the listing of substances used in a department and the associated control measures which can be posted on the department wall as a quick reference.  Whilst it is applicable to all industries, its extensive use within the Printing Industry has meant that there are details of nearly 2000 related substances already on the database;  assessments are therefore simpler and quicker for these.

Its other features make it ideal for managing the risk assessment process in larger organisations where the ability to filter to individual departments or areas, whilst still being able to see the whole plant is advantageous.  The existence of substances already on the database also makes it useful for small to medium enterprises.   As it is compiled in Microsoft Access, it is simple to change it to suit the needs of individual companies.


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The SSS CoSHH Assessment System and what it can do for you