IINTACT has the following features:

Business Improvement, Health & Safety and Environmental Services and Systems


INTACT comprises two main tables: Issues and Actions. Everyting is an issue and when data is entered, say from a QA objective, the issue is flagged as being from that source. With each issue there may be one or more actions, possibly with different people and timescales assigned to each action. These are automatically listed on each person's TO DO List and therefore each person can have a simple list of just his or her actions.
Also, reports can be easily presented which show open or overdue actions, if necessary, filtered for a certain issue source or genre (eg QA).

As actions are completed, they can be signed off and a picture built up of each issue. So, with an environmental objective for example, the objective and all the actions to meet that objective can be shown. This feature impresses many auditors.

Rather than have meeting minutes in Word, etc., they can be entered into INTACT and actions assigned. Therefore, the complete HSEQ management system can be contained in one, simple to run, system. This considerably reduces the workload in running such a system and provides a very professional output.

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