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Actions in INTACT

As INTACT is all about integrated action management, this is obviously a key part. The core concept of INTACT is that everything is an ISSUE, and for every issue there can be anything from no actions, to multiple actions, some with different timescales and with different people assigned for their completion.

On every data entry form (say for an incident, a meeting, etc.), there is a red button labelled ACTIONS. This opens the following form which is automatically linked with the issue. Therefore, any report on this issue can show the actions related to it.

When you assign an action (in this case, it's to an objective to reduce landfill waste by 50%), you define the proposed action, who will be responsible for ensuring that the action is carried out and the due date for completion. The action will appear on that person's TO DO list. One option in INTACT is to automatically e-mail that person with his revised TO DO list. There is a mandatory (within INTACT) requirement to define whether the action is corrective or preventive; INTACT can provide counts of these as part of its reporting function.

When the action has been completed, the action is signed off and it disappears off the accountable person's TO DO list. INTACT has the ability to have a different actual action to that proposed; it recognises that a proposed action may not be feasible when examined in greater detail and allows for this.

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