It is common for meeting minutes to be written in a word processing program such as Word and distributed as paper copies. The snag with this is that such documents become out of date and how do you update actions?

What INTACT does is enable you to record minutes as shown to the right. Whilst this could be printed as a report, it remains within INTACT and people can update their actions. As with all INTACT forms, actions can be assigned (using the buttons with the red text) and these actions appear in both people's TO DO lists and can be managed.

The other feature of INTACT is that incomplete issues from previous meetings of the same type can be displayed and reviewed. The whole approach allows meetings to be much more efficient.

Where there are mandatory topic lists, such as for ISO 9001, 14001, etc., then these topics can be entered automatically at the click of the Standard Headings button.

Health & Safety, Environmental and QA Services and Systems