What does the INTACT Training Module do?

The training module goes beyond just recording training.  It links the following:

  1. Roles
  2. Competencies necessary for a role
  3. Training courses or assessment necessary to assure competence
  4. Training record

[3] has a lifetime allocated to it, so warnings can be generated before refresher training become due.


Health & Safety, Environmental and QA Services and Systems


Training Module

Training records can either be entered:

  1. By selecting the person and entering a record, or
  2. By selecting a course and then select people who have attended the course

[2] is ideal where you have several people attending the same course

The left hand side of the form shown above shows the [1] approach and the right hand side shows the [2] approach.  The data is common and a record entered via [2] will show up in the [1] records. By clicking on the buttons in the above picture, you will be able to see the input forms and the training reports.



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