Many companies want to “do the right thing, environmentally”, but you don’t have to be certified to ISO 14001 for this. 
However, having third-party assessment of your environmental practices, which is what you get with certification to ISO 14001, gives you a status which is recognised by most clients.  It used to be that ISO 14001 companies were in the minority and this would make them stand out.  Now companies are realising that they are going to be left behind without it.  I know of many companies who have lost contracts because they are not certified to ISO 14001.  Where their clients are those with a public image, such as banks, insurance companies, supermarkets, etc., then they almost invariably ask for ISO 14001. If they don’t, then tender documents will require you to go in to detail of your environmental management systems.

SSS can provide a one-stop solution of any or all of the following services to help you with your certification to ISO 14001:

Analysis of operations
SSS will examine your operations, and calculate the aspects of your operations and their actual or potential environmental impact.  We normally use INTACT (see below) to record this as INTACT provides a report in descending order of impact and enables actions to be recorded.
Using the baseline report, aspects and impacts listing and the register of legislation, SSS will determine what systems are required and will work with you to define objectives.  Each objective must have some way of assessing if you have met the objective and a target completion date.  If you use INTACT then the individual actions towards meeting each objective are linked to the objective and shows the complete story; very handy when it comes to your certification visits.

Compilation of Baseline Report

There is no defined content for a baseline study but SSS baseline reports cover such areas as:

Development of systems
One of the key requirements in your systems ISO 14001 is a register of all applicable legislation.  SSS standard systems include a table with the following columns:

Title of the legislation Brief description Links to others sources of info. Applicable to your company? Cross-reference to your system if it is applicable

Companies for whom SSS have provided the certification support and therefore the legal register receive updates as legislation changes.
See an example of the register.
The systems vary from company to company, but SSS will ensure that your systems meet the relevant clauses of ISO 14001.  See an example of a system.

Training and implementation
SSS will provide whatever training is necessary to meet the requirements of ISO 14001.  Typical training may be at three levels


Training type



Environmental awareness

Most employees


Aspects and impacts

People whose work may have a direct environmental impact


Environmental Management System (EMS)

People who have key responsibilities for running or auditing the EMS

One of the problems that many companies have is that of training records.  The INTACT system has a training module that enables training records to be kept, if you do not presently have a system.

The INTACT (INTegrated ACTion management system) takes away a lot of the hassle people normally associate with ISO 14001, 9001, etc.  Essentially what it provides is a computerised system that:

INTACT is normally installed on networks so that all people can see the data, with appropriate levels of security to prevent alteration after an issue has been signed off. 
See more about INTACT.

Liaison with certification body
SSS personnel are used to working with certification bodies and their auditors.  If required by the client, SSS can be present during audits.

One of the requirements of ISO 14001 is to carry out internal audits, both of your own operations and any "duty of care" audits of your key partners, say waste handling companies. INTACT provides a comprehensive audit scheduling and reporting function.

SSS can provide solutions to this from the following options:

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