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How to store and retrieve data in the Information search facility
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Many people have difficulties in remembering where key information, such as copies of licences, is kept.

The information module enables you to record where information is kept, and:

It is available as a keyword search and can show locations, such as a certain drawer in a filing cabinet (if the infomation is on paper) or a hyperlink to the actual information if it is electronic.

 To record where information is stored, do the following:





From the Info. Search tab as shown in fig.1 below, click on the “Enter New Record” button

The form shown in fig. 2 appears.

Select a new record and enter the data under category, description, keywords and location.

Description is the title of the document.

Keywords include additional information which may help during the search.  For example, including J&G and J & G will allow you to specify either when you want to search for something.

Location is where the information is.

Set up the hyperlink to the data if it is available electronically.

The method depends on which version of Access you've got.
If you've got a Full Version of Access use this, or

If you've got a Runtime Version of Access, use this.

Info search menu

Fig. 1

Info search entry

Fig. 2

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