A comprehensive set of management reports can be display with simple suggestions using the form shown to the right. Note that, by leaving a selection box empty, all records for that factor will be shown. So, by selecting no end of a date range, all records meeting other selections beyond the start date will be shown.

Function Description
Genre Selects whether quaility, environment or H&S
Source Could be "audits", for example. Only audit data will be used.
Analysis Shows counts of issues raised, issues signed off, actions completed, actions incomplete and actions overdue.
Notice board Provides a notice showng issues raised during the date range, their actions. Where an action has been completed during the date range, then this will also show.
Preventive analysis
Actions are assiged as either corrective or preventive. This shows a count, by month of corrective and preventive actions and can be used as a mthod of demonstrating how much your company is in control; ideally, you should have a high preventive:corrective ratio
All issues, issues not signed off By selecting the appropriate report and clicking the GO button, you can get a report showning the appropriate data. For example, issues with overdue actions will give a report on all the issues with their actions where at least one action for an issue is overdue. This is beneficial for chasing these.


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