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Opening INTACT and Logging-on
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When you open INTACT, the log-on screen shown here is displayed.  Once you have logged on as described below, you can move to any of the systems shown on the log-on screen. 

Note that if a system has not been “switched on” by the administrator, then the button for it will not appear.

Select your name surname first. Note that you can either select or type your name. As you type, the name box will display all the options that match what you have already typed. eg Type C and you will get Casterton, Chambers, Charles, Collins, etc., type CH and you will get Chambers, Charles, etc.

By default, your password is your first name. We advise you to change this using the Change Password button.

You do not need to press the ENTER key; just click on the system you want.

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Log-On Screen
Opening INTACT and Logging-on