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Photographs - Machinery risks and guarding
Unguarded in-running nips on (brand new, CE-marked) press
Unguarded press,
showing access to in-running nips
Press after fitting guard
Ineffective perimeter guard
Replacement of perimeter guard by local guards
  Exposed in-running nip on controls
  In-running nip on spring-loaded rollers
  Showing how a gap can be guarded using flexible material
  Good and bad situation between belt and rollers
  Suggested position
(in red) of guard.
  Typical overriding of interlock on Muller trimmer
  Local guarding replacing perimeter guard which was always open
  Guarding held together by tie-wraps and will power. Not interlocked.
  Showing extent of opening before interlock  stops machine
  Exposed in-running nips bewteen rollers.