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Photographs - Machinery risks and guarding
Guarding over rollers
on press, but not interlocked

2 situtations on same label press, with & without guard
Very dubious magnetic interlock switches
Exposed transfer cylinder
Excessive gap in guard; possible to reach through
  Cap. Guillotine
  Position of finger
  Potential crush point on press
 Broken interlock switch on label press
 Broken guard on label press. Interlock has been overridden.
 Overview of 3m wide guillotine on which finger amputation occurred
  Position of finger as scissor lift was raised. 
  Damaged control
  Rectification 1
  Rectification 2
 Damaged control box for scissor lifter. Note control block is off
 Rectification of scissor lift: bolted to ground
 Rectification of scissor lift: control box fixed to guillotine
 New compactor with no guarding
 Exposed chain/sprocket