Actions covered elsewhere in INTACT are discrete. That is to say, they occur once-only and when completed, they are signed off. However, there are some actions which are repeated at regular intervals, say inspections.  We call these Recurring Actions.

The INTACT recurring action module has a list of actions, each of which has:

Recurring actions reappear on the accountable person's TO DO list just before they are due. Once an action has been completed and signed off, the next one is automatically scheduled using the frequency data.  ie If the frequency says 12 months, then the next one is scheduled 12 months hence.

Should a discrete action arise because of a recurring action, say an inspection found it necessary to carry out remedial work, then this can be managed in the normal way by clicking on the Actions Arising button.

The Recurring Actions module has the facility to print reports showing open or closed recurring actions.



Health & Safety, Environmental and QA Services and Systems


Recurring Actions
Shows form for entering and responding to recurring actions